The Montessori Method

The Pink Stair: An iconic Montessori teaching tool

The Montessori Method of teaching was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1897, and the method has been proven to be a very effective way of helping children learn and retain valuable skills and information early on in life. The Montessori Method is a style of teaching in which children learn through exploration of their surroundings and activities that feel like play.

At Montessori Children’s House, we believe it is never too young to start educating our children! While each phase of development has it’s unique teaching goals, we begin early by teaching in the infant room colors, shapes, etc. to prepare our babies for the toddler room.



Ms. AJ teaching using the Letter Box

Preschool Room

  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Multiplication/Division
  • Reading Skills and Spelling
  • Cutting with Scissors
  • and many more!

Toddler Room

  • Potty Training
  • Numbers and Letters
  • Sign Language

Infant Room

  • Shapes and Colors
  • Object Placement
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